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About Agrargesellschaft und Landfleischerei Harzungen

In the northernmost tip of Thuringia, on the southern edge of the Harz Mountains, the Harzungen agricultural company cultivates around 1050 hectares of fields and meadows. The utilised areas include the six districts of Niedersachswerfen, Wiegersdorf, Osterode, Neustadt / Harz, Rüdigsdorf and Harzungen.

The land is farmed conventionally according to the nutrient cycle. The nutrient supply is controlled by a sensor according to the supply-discharge principle and plant protection products are only applied according to the infestation threshold and necessity.

The company headquarters and the technical centre are located in the village of Harzungen, as is the butcher's shop. Our stables are located just outside the village, where pigs, bulls and heifers are kept on straw with plenty of space.

With a total of 20 employees, the limited company, with its 26 shareholders, is divided into the crop production, livestock farming and butchery departments. The animals kept on straw in the stables are fed with feed produced on the fields and meadows. Bulls and heifers are fed home-grown grass silage and our pigs are mainly fed a meal mixture made from home-grown grain and peas.

Thanks to our own slaughterhouse and the resulting shorter slaughter routes, the animals are selected for the butchery's requirements once they have reached the required slaughter age and weight. In the country butcher's shop, the meat is cut and sausaged into our specialities according to traditional North Thuringian hot meat processing and traditional spice recipes. The meat and sausage products produced in this way are sold regionally by Agrargesellschaft Harzungen via the farm shop, a branch in Nordhausen and a sales vehicle.

Equipment :

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Regional products

Our assortment

- Various types of sausage, such as liver sausage, red sausage, brawn, hunting sausage, lyonnaise, boiled pork fat, pork rind sausage, meat loaf, and much more, also in jars or casings

- Various cold cuts such as beer ham (pork or beef), cooked ham, salmon ham, roast cold cuts,

- several types of salami (nut, pepper and beef salami)

- Harzunger Knackwurst as Kringel or Stepel from fresh to hung beef and/or pork

- Fresh minced beef and pork

- also solyanka, greaves fat, sausage fat, kale, sauerkraut in a tube.

- Goods to prepare yourself, e.g. fillet, various roasts, neck of pork, salmon, schnitzel, goulash, chops, knuckle of pork, ribs, bacon, roulades

- Offal: e.g. kidneys, liver, rumen, tongue, bones

- Salads including meat salad, egg salad, coleslaw, layered salad, pasta salad, poultry salad

- for grilling: Pork steaks (Mexico, herb mustard), roasted pork with and without cheese, grilled chicken fillet steaks, curry chicken fillet skewers, barbecue ribs

- Gift baskets with our products depending on the desired value of goods

Many products are available from beef and pork.

Due to our own production, it is not possible for us to have all products available at all times. It is also possible to produce special products on request, e.g. entrecôte, T-bone steak, etc.

Other regional products:

- Honey from the Weihrauch apiary

- Elderberry wine (dry, semi-dry, sweet) from Auleben

- eggs

- Various juices from the Harzungen farm cidery (apple, apple/pear, etc.)

Dorfstraße 9
99768 Harztor OT Harzungen

E-Mail: info@agrarharzungen.de
Telefon : 036331 47958
Languages :
Wir sprechen deutsch

Opening hours:
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 10:00 - 17:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00