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Culture in the Harz Mountains

The Harz region has long been captivating not only for its diverse landscape with beautiful views, but above all for its unique cultural highlights. Today, the exciting history of the Harz region can be traced at numerous sights and attractions. Numerous castles, palaces, museums and theatres allow you to fully immerse yourself in the diverse culture of the Harz. Get to know the many legends and myths as well as Harz traditions through the rich cultural offerings.

The art and culture on offer ranges from festivals and theatre performances on beautiful natural stages to music competitions and traditional Harz folklore. For adults and children alike, the Harz Mountains offer a number of cultural attractions that are definitely worth a visit. In addition to museums, theatres and other cultural institutions, our page introduces you to cinemas in the Harz as part of the cultural offerings. Let's go! Discover the Harz on your own thanks to the diverse museum landscape and the numerous monuments.


What makes culture in the Harz


Mining in the Harz


Mining is largely responsible for the development of the region and the Harz culture. There is probably no other place in the world where you can experience the history of mining as comprehensively as in the Harz Mountains. The many mining attractions are an absolute highlight of the region and are especially recommended for a family outing with children. From the beginning of the 16th to the 19th century, the Upper Harz was considered one of the most important ore mining areas in Germany, where iron, copper, lead or even silver were primarily mined. Nowadays, ore mining in the Harz Mountains has been consigned to history since the closure of the ore extraction site near Bad Grund, as the mining of metals is unprofitable despite the large deposits. On the other hand, visitors and tourists can visit numerous mining museums and mines that remind them of the region's most important industry of the past millennium. Embark on an exciting discovery tour and experience the mining history and culture of the Harz at first hand!


Harz legends and myths


Rugged cliffs, deep forests and countless fairytales, sagas and legends: An integral part of the culture in the Harz are undoubtedly its legends and myths. The Harz region is considered the cradle of countless fairy tales and legends, which have always inspired young and old or instructed them with their morals. Most of the legends are based on the imagination of the storytellers, whom people listened to on snowy winter evenings in the midst of the valleys and rivers. Most of the tales focus on legendary figures such as witches, devils or mountain spirits, who, according to legend, still roam the forests, mines and caves. The romantic legends and mysterious myths make the Harz mountains a very special place.