The Kyffhäuderdenkmal is the third largest memorial in Germany. The building rises 81 metres into the air. Only the Leipzig Battle of the Nations Monument and the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument in Porta Westfalica have larger dimensions. Like its counterpart in Porta Westfalica in East Westphalia, the Kyffhäuser Monument was erected in honour of Emperor Wilhelm I. It is located in the Kyffhäuser Valley. It is located in the Kyffhäuser Mountains, more precisely on the site of the former Imperial Castle of Kyffhausen. The area is located in the federal state of Thuringia and borders on the southern Harz region and Saxony-Anhalt.

The Kyffhäuser Monument

Between wanderlust and love of home. Are you getting holiday fever, but at the same time do you actually feel quite at home in Germany? No problem! Just travel with your family in your own country. There are many beautiful natural and adventure highlights that are worth seeing - such as the Harz National Park. With its central location, the low mountain range in Saxony-Anhalt is easy to reach from anywhere in Germany. This saves you travel time, travel expenses and travel planning and instead you can skip straight to the holiday feeling. Because if you want to relax and have a good time with your family, you don't have to drive far and can experience numerous popular attractions with the children in the Harz Mountains.

Family vacation in the Harz Mountains with children - the most beautiful family excursions

No other region in Germany captivates with such a variety of nature experiences and breathtaking views as the Harz. According to a survey conducted by the Oberharz Foundation, the Harz received the largest majority of votes (20%) in a poll of 19 forest areas and is therefore considered one of Germany's most beautiful natural forest wonders. It is therefore hardly surprising that hiking enthusiasts and nature-loving holidaymakers and tourists are drawn to the low mountain range year after year. In this magazine article, we present the 3 greatest natural wonders in the Harz Mountains to give you an overview of the most important natural phenomena in the Harz region.

The 3 greatest natural wonders in the Harz Mountains