About us

Our motto: cooperation instead of confrontation. No more North, East, South and West Harz - we are THE Harz and Harzspots is the link.

Our vision: Harzspots should be a solidarity community of all partner companies with the aim of promoting themselves but also each other in order to further increase the economic strength as well as the tourist attractiveness of the Harz region. From the Harz, for the Harz.

Harzspots is the perfect navigation tool for everyone when it comes to excursion destinations, accommodation, restaurants, cultural sites and attractions, but also hiking and cycling trails in the Harz.

Thomas Rader

"I have been successfully investing in the Harz Mountains since 2014 in holiday homes (Bergwaldlodges, -suites & -chalets) as well as an Italian gastronomy (Montevino). I have learned to love and appreciate the region and its people and have made it my task, together with my Harzspots team, to develop with heart and passion the portal harzspots.com, which I acquired in 2021, into THE perfect digital navigation aid for the guest, visitor, holidaymaker but also the local "Harzers"."

Rens Zwanenburg

"There is no second chance for the first impression. A high quality of photos on your website is half the booking. I'm Rens Zwanenburg, Dutch and I've been living in Schierke since 2018. I attended the photo academy. Photography is my passion, whether it's object or landscape photography. Therefore, it stands to reason that I am also responsible for photography at Harzspots. If you would like attractive photos for your business or other motifs, please feel free to contact us."

Miriam Ott

"May I introduce myself? I'm Mio. It wasn't just Corona that made me realise what beautiful places Germany has to offer, which is why I provide the Harzspots community on Instagram several times a week with varied impressions from the Harz #harzliebe. As a Frankfurt native, I particularly like the idea behind Harzspots, as it allows all guests and tourists to find everything they need for a varied holiday in the Harz in one platform. I'm happy to be part of the team.

Martin Heine

"Someone has to take the rap for the technology, too: Martin. He's been in the business as a provider for over 20 years and is therefore an old hand (as his mirror says in the morning). He makes sure that everything works, that new features are added all the time and that everything is designed in an appetising way.

Philipp Haberkorn

"The somewhat deeper corporate films from the heart - that's the standard we set for ourselves at ex animo MEDIA. For this, no path is too far, no sunrise too early and no scene too risky for us. For several years now, we have been the agency in the Harz region for professional image films, employer branding films, product commercials, event aftermovies and HarzSpots listing films in Netflix look. Together we'll put your hotel, restaurant or leisure adventure in just the right light!"

Markus Gründel

"I have been hiking in the Harz mountains since I was a child. With the success of my books on geocaching, I was able to turn my hobby into a profession. I set up my base camp in Altenau many years ago. From here I collect GPS data of tours, stamp sites, refuges for various projects, which I report on my blog. Our beautiful Harz Mountains are close to my heart and so for many years I have been organising activities such as litter picking with "my" geocachers in and with the National Park. This is the perfect way for me to get involved with Harzspots."

Leon Grage

"I'm Leon and I've been involved in the Harzspots project for a while now. My area of responsibility includes everything that goes hand in hand with the topics of online marketing and especially SEO, after all, Harz enthusiasts should also become aware of the project and find the numerous business entries here on Harzspots.com."

Katja Wegener

"Lively, fun-loving and always with fresh PR ideas in mind. As a networker, author and blogger scout, Katja has combined her experience in tourism marketing for over 20 years. Katja is our specialist for effective visibility. For all questions around content creator, influencer marketing, blogger and influencer selection, blogger cooperations and blogger events, she is our idea finder and implementation professional."

Our texts

Here are a few more notes about the texts on these pages:

All texts on the spot pages in the categories attractions, accommodation, gastronomy, shopping and culture are the responsibility of the respective spot operators in terms of content and form. This also applies to all events created by these spot operators. We have received some of the texts on the cities and holiday resorts from the respective administration.

We have written the other texts ourselves to the best of our knowledge. Please point out any errors in content so that we can correct them immediately.


We prefer to use the classical German spelling in the form of 1901 to 1996. However, improvements of the spelling reform from the rules of 01 August 2006 are adopted, such as the increased use of the "ss" instead of the "ß". The use of exclamation marks in normal text is avoided as far as possible. Multiple exclamation marks are a mistake or computer error.

Written form

For better readability, we generally use the masculine form (generic masculine), e.g. "the partner, the customer, the employee". However, we always mean all genders in the sense of equal treatment. The abbreviated form of language has editorial reasons and is value-free. By their very nature, these rules are not set in stone and should therefore be viewed with tolerance. Nevertheless, we endeavour to use a typeface that is as error-free as possible and timelessly comprehensible formulations in a lively language. We try to avoid the use of fleeting trendy terms as well as the excessive use of anglicisms.