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Typisch Harz

Typisch Harz stands for delicious products, high-quality specialities and traditional craftsmanship. The regional brand "Typisch Harz" identifies the special quality of products from the Harz region according to the motto "class instead of mass". Consumers can find the label on animal, vegetable and handicraft products. In addition, catering establishments may carry the label for individual dishes or even the entire establishment, provided they meet the relevant criteria. Tourist offers can also be awarded the label if they are directly related to a product that has already been awarded the label. 

When awarding the "Typisch Harz" label, special attention is paid to the quality, value and regional relevance of the products on offer. The quality label is managed by the Harz Tourism Association and aims to increase interest in typical Harz products and the Harz region among both locals and tourists. The philosophy of the regional brand includes strengthening regional economic cycles and promoting ecologically and economically sustainable production. Here on Harzspots we introduce you to some of the companies and their Typisch Harz-certified products. Experience the Harz in a special way and discover regional and typical Harz products!