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Exhibitions and museums in the Harz Mountains

An integral part of Harz culture are the diverse museums and numerous exhibitions that convey the history of the Harz in a vivid way. The Harz is and remains a unique stage for world history. After all, hardly any other region in Germany offers such a large selection of varied museums and exhibitions as the Harz. The Harz region, whose history can be traced through all epochs in the Harz museums, has a lot to offer, especially from a historical point of view. Exciting mining stories, tales of princes and emperors, and the division of the region after the Second World War have left their mark in many places.

The Harz, which has been inhabited since time immemorial, was already home to some 500 castles in the Middle Ages, some of which are still preserved in legendary ruins and can be visited today. In times long past, miners dug in the depths of the mountains for more than a thousand years. The numerous mines can be visited today and offer visitors the opportunity to explore the history of the Harz mining landscape on their own.

In addition to mining and the castles, palaces and monasteries of the Middle Ages, the Harz Mountains also offer a number of attractions worth seeing in the field of technology. For example, the Aviation Museum in Wernigerode or the Fire Brigade Museum, which is also located there. The former offers you the opportunity to see numerous helicopters and aircraft, as well as a thousand other exhibits. Historical as well as cultural focal points in the district of Harz are above all the cities of Quedlinburg, Halberstadt, Blankenburg and Wernigerode. Other notable museums in the Harz include the Toy Museum in Quedlinburg, the Harz Museum in Wernigerode and the GDR Museum in Thale. Visit exciting museums and exhibitions in the Harz Mountains during your Harz holiday and embark on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages!