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Indoor activities in the Harz Mountains

Bad weather tips for the Harz Mountains

Unfortunately, the weather does not always play along on holiday as one would expect. Depending on the season, rainy days with little sunshine are not uncommon in the Harz Mountains. The Harz is a rugged low mountain range whose weather can be characterised by thick clouds, wind and stormy rain from time to time. But don't worry, there's no reason to let the rainy weather spoil your fun. Even in bad weather, the Harz mountains offer plenty of experiences and destinations for children and adults that are well worth a trip.

From a visit to the dry sights and attractions to a tour of the region's cultural highlights, the Harz offers numerous indoor experiences. Even though the Harz region is known for its numerous excursion destinations amidst the nature of the national park, the range of indoor activities in the Harz is larger than you might think. So that even bad weather doesn't throw a spanner in the works during your holiday in the Harz, you can use bad weather days to discover other Harz attractions. For this reason, here at Harzspots we present indoor attractions that are definitely worth a visit.