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Bed & Breakfast in the Harz Mountains

Charming B&Bs in the Harz Mountains for an unforgettable stay

Discover rustic, traditional or modern bed and breakfast accommodation in the Harz Mountains and enjoy the Harz hospitality. Our carefully selected bed and breakfast accommodations with excellent facilities each have their own charm and character and are perfectly suited to every taste and budget. From spacious youth hostels and homely hostels to cosy guesthouses, there is something for everyone in our wide range. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with regional specialities and start your day full of adventures and highlights. Bed and breakfasts in the Harz region are particularly suitable for all those who value a cosy and familiar atmosphere during their trip and want to discover the numerous sights and activities in the Harz on their own. Whether after a long day of hiking through the breathtaking nature or a visit to historic towns such as Goslar, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg with its unique half-timbered houses - Harz B&Bs are the perfect accommodation for your holiday in the Harz.

With its diverse nature, the Harz Mountains offer both adventurers and those interested in culture the perfect conditions for a relaxing yet eventful holiday. While the forests of the national park are ideal for cycling tours or other outdoor activities, the historic towns with their narrow streets and colourful half-timbered houses invite you to linger and shop. In addition to popular attractions and excursion destinations, numerous natural wonders, myths and legends are waiting to be discovered here in the centre of the Harz region. Whether you are looking for pure adventure or a relaxing break from everyday stress in the Harz Mountains, the bed and breakfast of your choice is the ideal retreat to spend cosy evenings and recharge your batteries for the next day. Thanks to modern facilities, guests don't have to miss out on any amenities during their stay - from Wi-Fi, barbecue, balcony, garden and terrace to luxurious furnishings including sauna, pool or fireplace, the Harz B&Bs offer a wide range of facilities. To find out more, take a look at the numerous spots in our overview or use the extensive filter function to find accommodation to suit your taste.

Are you ready for an unforgettable stay in the Harz Mountains? Discover the variety of our bed and breakfast offers in the Harz Mountains today and book your next holiday in northern Germany's highest low mountain range, the Harz National Park.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about hostels, guesthouses and B&Bs in the Harz Mountains:

How are B&Bs equipped in the Harz Mountains?

The facilities of the guesthouses, hotels and B&Bs vary greatly. Most of the accommodation listed here has all the essential amenities you need for a relaxing holiday in the Harz region. To find out more about individual features, such as kettles, barbecues, pools or even saunas, we offer you our useful filter function to help you find the right accommodation quickly and easily. You can find out how many rooms for how many people with how many bathrooms and at what price await you in the accommodation of your choice, along with numerous features in the spot entry or on the website of the respective operator.


Is there child-friendly accommodation?

Some of the accommodation is particularly suitable for families with children. To find out more, take a look at the entry for a spot. If your family has found the spot of their choice but you are not quite sure, unlike on other portals, Harzspots gives you the opportunity to contact the landlord directly and easily to clarify any questions in detail.


Are bed and breakfast accommodations in the Harz Mountains suitable for pets?

There are also some suitable accommodations for pets such as dogs and cats. As long as the landlord allows it, they can take part in your holiday without any problems. Not all bed and breakfasts accept pets, which is why it is advisable to obtain detailed information in advance. You can use our filter functions and the features listed in the entries to find all the relevant information on whether your dog or cat can come with you.


Are the B&Bs, guesthouses and hostels in the Harz Mountains the right choice for large groups?

No matter how many people you're travelling with, the Harz Mountains have plenty of accommodation for groups of all sizes. Take a look at our overview to find out how many bedrooms and beds are available in the accommodation listed on Harzspots. Holiday homes, guesthouses and youth hostels in the Harz Mountains are ideal for stays with larger groups. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you take a look at our category Group accommodation in the Harz, especially for group holidays.


What are the advantages of bed and breakfast accommodation in the Harz Mountains?

In contrast to larger hotels, B&Bs are usually characterised by their individual design, personal service and local charm. They offer a familiar and cosy atmosphere that makes your stay unique. The hosts are often locals who are happy to share their knowledge of the region and pass on tips on hiking trails, local sights and restaurants. Another advantage is the diverse selection - from rustic farmhouses to modern flats, there is something for everyone.


What is the best time of year to go on holiday in the Harz Mountains?

The Harz Mountains have something to offer at any time of year. While the flora and fauna of the Harz region are in full bloom in spring and summer and are particularly suitable for long hikes and exploratory tours through the green forests and mountains, autumn captivates with its colourful foliage. The forests of the national park are transformed into a sea of red, yellow and orange colours, providing an impressive backdrop with beautiful landscapes. During the cold winter months, the Harz Mountains offer tourists and holidaymakers a fairytale snow paradise. Thanks to the ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding, the Harz is particularly popular with winter sports enthusiasts at this time of year. Hikers can also enjoy beautiful snow-covered landscapes for romantic winter hikes during the winter.


Which excursion destinations should you definitely see in the Harz Mountains?

The Harz Mountains are known throughout Germany for their worthwhile excursion destinations and attractions. Some of these are definitely not to be missed during your stay in the Harz Mountains. These include the Brocken, which is considered a landmark of the region and is easily accessible both on foot and with the historic Brocken railway. From the summit high above the national park, there is a spectacular mountain view over the entire surrounding area. While the Hexentanzplatz and the Rosstrappe are well worth a visit due to their rich legends and impressive views, the Teufelsmauer is another fascinating destination not to be missed. In addition, the largest towns of Quedlinburg and Wernigerode, as well as smaller towns with their medieval town centres, offer a journey back in time. The beautiful half-timbered houses, castles and narrow alleyways are unique testimonies to German history and therefore also worth seeing. We present further excursion destinations here.


Why should I inform myself on Harzspots.com?

Unlike many other online portals, Harzspots is your personal navigation tool for the entire Harz region. In addition to bed and breakfasts, we also present hotels, holiday apartments and holiday homes as well as numerous hiking trails, bicycle routes and excursion destinations. Here at Harzspots.com, you will receive valuable insider tips and recommendations that will make your experience in the Harz Mountains unique and unforgettable.