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Holiday homes in the Harz Mountains

Holiday homes for your holiday in the Harz Mountains

If you need a little more space, you can book one of the inexpensive holiday homes in the Harz Mountains. Especially for families with children, a holiday home is usually the better choice, as instead of one bedroom, there are up to 3 bedrooms per house. Guests can enjoy their Harz holiday here in a quiet location and relax after a long day filled with the many exciting sights in the Harz.

Typical occasions for a family holiday or your romantic getaway for two are often Christmas and New Year's Eve (turn of the year). However, many holidaymakers and tourists also use holidays such as Whitsun and the associated Whitsun holidays to venture on a short break with the family to the Harz Mountains. To make sure that your favourite holiday home in the Harz Mountains is not occupied in the period you have in mind, it usually makes sense to make a reservation with the landlord early on.

On our platform you can choose from numerous holiday homes in the Harz. Browse through our broad portfolio and rent your accommodation cheaply and commission-free directly from private owners. In addition to a detailed pictorial representation of the houses, we provide you with further information about your future holiday accommodation. Contact the landlord directly by phone or email to clarify all questions and details about your accommodation. Whether you are looking for a classic Harz holiday home, a chalet, a bungalow or a log cabin - everyone will find what they are looking for on Harzspots.com.


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Active holiday in the Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains have a lot to offer for active holidays, especially for the adventurous. Whether a walk through the forests of the Harz National Park or a cycling tour along unique panoramas - the Harz Mountains have something in store for everyone. Especially those who stay in a holiday home in the countryside can enjoy the rustic flair and the proximity to the Harz landscape to the fullest.

From the colourful town in the Harz, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg and its old town, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to towns such as Braunlage, Sankt Andreasberg, Bad Sachsa or Bad Harzburg - well-equipped and cosy holiday homes await you in all the towns in the Harz. In addition, thanks to its central location, the Harz is the perfect starting point for a variety of activities during your active holiday in the Harz. Numerous hosts present their holiday home here on Harzspots for you to see. Most of them are bright and modern holiday homes, the mere sight of which invites you to relax and unwind.

Especially families with children get their money's worth in a homely holiday home in the Harz mountains. In child-friendly holiday accommodation in the Harz mountains, children can let off steam on the terrace or in the garden, while parents can relax in the sun in a family atmosphere. Many families particularly enjoy the varied leisure activities in and around the Harz Mountains, which they can discover together. Here in the Harz, there is something suitable for every target group, young or old.

Switch off and relax in a holiday home

In the Harz Mountains, everyone looking for the right accommodation will find what they are looking for, as there are numerous holiday homes in a wide variety of sizes, furnishings and locations to suit almost every taste. If you want to switch off completely during your holiday and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Harz nature, you can of course do so and enjoy the tranquillity of the Harz landscape completely undisturbed. Whether it's a weekend trip, a short holiday or a summer holiday or skiing holiday lasting several weeks, thanks to its central location in the middle of Germany, the Harz is within a few hours' drive for almost everyone. Within the four walls of the holiday home that's right for you, you can unwind undisturbed, forget about any everyday stress and enjoy the Harz feeling to the fullest. And as if it couldn't get any better, a glance out of the window offers you a wonderful view over green forests, flowering mountain meadows and a unique mountain landscape. The best thing about it: All this and much more is right on the doorstep of your holiday home. There are usually wonderful cycling paths, hiking trails or outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity. There is nothing better than having such a wide choice of sights during a carefree holiday in the Harz Mountains.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a more adventurous holiday in the Harz in the midst of nature full of sights and excursion destinations or a more relaxed holiday full of wellness, relaxation and tranquillity - here in the Harz everyone gets their money's worth. There is hardly any other holiday destination in Germany where you can find such a unique density of sights in combination with cultural highlights and events in the middle of a beautiful national park. Even after an adventurous and relaxing day on holiday, there is of course no end to the relaxation. Enjoy romantic evenings in front of the fireplace or delicious treats at a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace of your holiday home in the Harz Mountains. If you spend your holiday in one of the numerous holiday homes in the countryside, you can also enjoy relaxing walks in the nearby forest full of interesting views and panoramas.

Your big advantage: Here at Harzspots we not only offer you numerous offers of wonderful holiday accommodations in the region, but also everything worth knowing about the Harz. From excursion destinations and attractions tohiking trails and cycling tours, Harzspots is the only navigation tool you need for your holiday in the Harz.

Holidays with dogs, cats, mice: pet-friendly holiday homes

Of course, animal visitors are not neglected in the Harz holiday homes. Numerous pet-friendly accommodations ensure that you can take your pet, whether dog or cat, with you to the holiday home of your choice. Some of the holiday homes deliberately present themselves as dog-friendly and offer your dog everything necessary to make the holiday unforgettable not only for you but also for your dog. Whether an accommodation is particularly suitable for four-legged friends can be easily checked here on Harzspots.com using the equipment features in the entries of the respective holiday homes. If you would like to see all dog-friendly holiday homes in the Harz at a glance, you can use our extensive filter in the overview. If you are not sure whether one of the holiday homes listed with us does not tolerate pets such as dogs, you can contact the respective landlord directly. The same applies if you are interested in a holiday with a dog and have individual wishes that should be discussed in detail.

Barrier-free holiday homes in the Harz Mountains

All guests who are not good walkers and are dependent on barrier-free holiday homes due to physical limitations or their age, for example, can find out in advance here on Harzspots. Of course, everyone is welcome in Harz holiday homes, so that seniors, wheelchair users and people with handicaps can easily reach all essential rooms of the house barrier-free. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the landlord directly in order to clarify any uncertainties that may exist.

Frequently asked questions about holidays in a holiday home:

In order to make your search for a suitable holiday home in the Harz as easy as possible, we answer all frequently asked questions below:

What are the advantages of a holiday home?

Holiday homes offer an enormous space advantage compared to flats, which we also present on our portal. Accordingly, a holiday home is suitable as accommodation, especially for families with children or larger travel groups with several people. Holiday accommodation in general also allows travellers to be much more flexible in their time management compared to hotels and guesthouses. There, the breakfast buffet or lunch, for example, are timed precisely, which is often a thorn in the side of more active holidaymakers and tourists. In a holiday home, on the other hand, the daily schedule and meal planning is left to you alone. Another advantage is that holiday homes often have more extensive facilities than flats. Features such as a sauna, a whirlpool or a fireplace are usually only found in holiday homes. If the house also has a garden, you can spend relaxing evenings on the terrace with a barbecue, especially in the summer season.

What does a holiday home in the Harz Mountains cost?

The costs of a holiday home in the Harz Mountains vary greatly depending on location, facilities and season. While the prices per night are particularly high during the holiday season or in the summer months, the prices can drop in the off-season. Costs rise particularly sharply at the end of the year between the holidays due to high demand. While the cost per night of very inexpensive holiday homes starts at 40-50 €, they range up to 150-200 € per night. On average, the cost per night is around 90-100 €. Of course, this is difficult to generalise, which is why we recommend checking the current prices on the websites of the respective accommodation. Often the price can be seen directly in the booking system/occupancy calendar, so that you can calculate the costs for your holiday in the Harz Mountains precisely in advance.

Which sights in the Harz should every holidaymaker have seen?

Of course, there is no shortage of activities, sights and excursion destinations in the Harz Mountains. However, in order to make your holiday in the middle of the Harz mountains in a holiday home of your choice as effective as possible, it is important to be informed in advance about things worth seeing in the Harz mountains.

A characteristic feature of the Harz as a holiday destination is, of course, the Brocken mountain, which is famous far beyond the borders of the Harz. At a height of around 1142 metres, it can be seen from afar and is considered a landmark of the Harz region in many places. A hike or a bike ride will take you to the summit, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable mountain view. If you are not so good on foot or by bike, you can take the historic Brockenbahn train to the top of the Brocken. Other must-see sights are the Hexentanzplatz (witches' dancing place) and the Kaiserpfalz (imperial palace) in Goslar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If these excursion destinations are not action-packed enough for you, you can get ready for a ride on the monster scooter at the Braunlager Wurmberg or visit the Rappbode Dam for some adventurous wallrunning. Even on rainy days in the Harz or in winter, there is plenty to see thanks to the wide range of indoor activities.

For more information on individual excursion destinations in the Harz Mountains that will make your holiday unforgettable, feel free to click through our portal. Because here we present all the essential highlights in the Harz to holidaymakers and tourists who are interested in a stay in the Harz. Have fun browsing!

How do I find the right holiday home in the Harz for me?

On our overview page we offer you a wide selection of selected holiday homes from which you can choose according to your individual preferences. In addition, our comprehensive filter function provides you with an intuitive and easy way to search for the right accommodation. For example, select the location of the holiday home or the respective equipment features, so that you will only be shown houses according to your individual needs and requirements in no time at all.