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Arts and crafts in the Harz Mountains

In addition to a rich cultural diversity, the Harz Mountains also offer numerous handicraft businesses that tourists and holidaymakers are welcome to look over their shoulders as they work. The traditional handicrafts range from potters, glassblowers and candle makers to woodcarvers who, in addition to selling their products, also offer courses to participate in. An ideal offer for children, families and creative people to participate and be amazed. 

The courses and offers of many artisans in the Harz Mountains are particularly suitable for children, as they promote their motor skills as well as their three-dimensional imagination. From detailed carved landscapes, miniature models and wooden figures to glass and bead games, arts and crafts in the Harz Mountains offer everything the heart desires. The painstakingly handcrafted products make the perfect souvenir or gift to bring back to your loved ones from your holiday in the Harz Mountains. Here you will find all the information and offers from selected arts and crafts businesses in the Harz. Experience traditional crafts and let yourself be inspired by the Harz craftsmanship!