Events and activities in the Harz Mountains

There are far more festivals and celebrations in the Harz than just Walpurgis. Throughout the year, a wide variety of events take place in the Harz region that are definitely worth a visit. Whether it's a short break, a weekend trip or a family holiday - you should definitely not miss out on a visit to one or other of these events during your holiday in the Harz. The history of many events in the Harz, which are known far beyond the borders of the Harz region, goes back to early history. In addition to traditional festivals and celebrations, such as Walpurgis Night, we also inform you here at about all the less historical events in the Harz, such as sporting events, musical events or educational events. Ideal for holidays with the family are events for children, which make the holiday unforgettable, especially for younger visitors. In addition, we present events in the Harz Mountains in the fields of art and literature and give you tips on which events or markets you can enjoy the culinary diversity of the heart region. All important dates, highlights and special events can be found here with us.

Traditional events in the Harz

Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis Night is one of the most famous celebrations in the entire Harz region and, thanks to its long-standing tradition, is known far beyond the region. It has taken place every year on 1 May for several hundred years. In many places, the "Night of Nights" starts on 30 April and is celebrated by tens of thousands of visitors and guests, including numerous devils and witches. According to legend, witches meet on the Brocken during the night to dance with the devil. A truly unique spring spectacle.

The Brocken Run

The Brocken Run is the oldest mountain run in Germany, first held in 1927. The natural run is considered one of the more sporting nature experiences in the National Park, attracting not only visitors and tourists, but above all athletes to the Harz Mountains. Runners can choose from courses and routes of varying difficulty, but the main route leads up the Brocken and back down again over a length of approximately 26.2 kilometres.

Rocking on the Brocken

Music lovers will definitely be familiar with the annual "Rocken am Brocken" festival. In the Upper Harz town of Elend, the music event takes place for three days spread over five stages. Since its first realisation in 2007, the rock festival has become a permanent fixture among the Harz event highlights.

Christmas markets

If you spend your holiday in the Harz National Park during the pre-Christmas period, you should definitely not miss the many Christmas markets. In towns such as Wernigerode, Quedlinburg or Goslar, probably the most beautiful Christmas markets take place between the surrounding half-timbered houses in a stylish ambience. Between the many stalls, you can enjoy the Christmas season to the full with delicacies such as gingerbread and mulled wine. There are also attractions for young and old.

New Year's Eve in the Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains are not only popular at Christmas; numerous tourists and holidaymakers also flock to the region on New Year's Eve to celebrate the turn of the year in style. A beautiful landscape, romantic snow-covered forests and great New Year's Eve parties create a good mood and let holidaymakers escape the stress at the turn of the year.