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Geocaching in the Harz Mountains

What used to be called a scavenger hunt is nowadays replaced by the treasure hunt of the modern age: so-called geocaching. The global game, whose goal is to hide and find so-called caches, is becoming increasingly popular among hikers and nature lovers. With the help of GPS coordinates, users have the opportunity to find places where caches are hidden. At the location indicated by the GPS coordinates, the searcher is often presented with a task or a riddle to find the exact location of the hiding place. Among geocachers, this form of cache is called a "tradi". On the other hand, there are so-called "multicaches", which combine caches from several stations. Once you have found a classic cache, you usually enter your name in the logbook inside the cache. A so-called cache, which means "secret camp", can come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Whether earth caches, caches at lost places, hiking multis, power trails, drive-ins or remote cans - everything is represented in the Harz Mountains. The typical geocache usually consists of a waterproof container containing the logbook. Only larger caches usually contain items for exchange. Geocaching is becoming more and more popular as a hobby and leisure activity, which is why a large community of numerous "geocachers" has formed all over the world over the course of time. As registered users, geocachers can not only find caches but also hide new ones and thus act as so-called "owners" of the respective caches.


Geocaching in the Harz Mountains

Thanks to its unique landscape and diverse nature, the Harz National Park in particular is predestined for geocaching adventures of all kinds. Numerous geocaches are therefore waiting to be discovered throughout the Harz. The exact coordinates of the geocaches in the Harz can be found on the official website of the provider Geocaching.com and can be explored either with a professional GPS device or with the geocaching app via smartphone. Geocaching is an adventurous activity for children and adults alike, both when hiking and exploring the towns and villages of the Harz. On your hike in the Harz, you can not only collect the stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel, but also go on an exciting search for well-hidden caches around the Brocken. Geocaching in the Harz combines relaxation, fun and great experiences with the beautiful nature of the Harz low mountain range.


Respect for nature

When geocaching in the Harz Mountains, however, you should always be considerate of nature, because the national park rules also apply to geocachers, such as the trail ban. Especially in national parks and nature reserves, it is not allowed to hide geocaches off the trails. Geocaching should not disturb the nature of the national park if possible, as protected and rare animal species use it as a place of retreat. Hiding caches in possible nesting sites or winter quarters of animals such as rock crevices, caves or tunnels is therefore considered taboo.


Geocaching with Harzspots.com

We would like to offer you all the information you need about geocaching in the Harz on our website. At the same time, we will introduce you to the most beautiful geocaches and geocaching tours in the future, so that you can discover the Harz Mountains in a fun way. Go on a treasure hunt on a geocaching tour and explore the region. We hope you have fun geocaching in the Harz Mountains and the surrounding area!