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The moderately difficult hike along the large sandstone cave and the Regenstein mill near Blankenburg covers a total of almost 7 kilometres and takes about 2 hours. The "Round of the Sandstone Caves" is suitable for all fitness levels.

The trail starts at the car park on the old army road just north of Blankenburg. The first hiking highlight is the old army road at the Regenstein itself. The path, which was very important in the Middle Ages, has been preserved largely unchanged at this point. The hiking trail "of emperors and kings" eventually leads to the other sights of the hike, such as the large sandstone caves.

They alone are definitely worth the long walk as a geological feature and a real insider tip in the Harz Mountains . The white spot in the middle of the pine forest is about the size of a football pitch and therefore offers space for children to run around, climb and play while the adults can relax in the Baltic flair. The huge sandstone rocks, some of which have formed caves, illustrate the primitiveness and power of nature. Stubensand was mined here until the end of the 19th century.

A few minutes further on, the next sandstone cave below the fortress is waiting to be discovered. The dark caves also invite children to play, while a wooden bench with table is ideal for a rest. The next highlight on the hiking trail is definitely a unique experience for boys and old: Regenstein Fortress. Its location on the rocks allows visitors to enjoy a beautiful and wide all-round view.

To the north, the Heers with its pine forest can be seen, and further south are the foothills of the Harz Mountains and the town of Blankenburg. The fortress is largely carved into the sandstone, which in turn distinguishes it from many other castles. The grounds of the Regenstein castle ruins are also still very well preserved, which is why they are always worth a climb.

Another absolute highlight of the hike is the historic Regenstein mill. The replica mill wheels stand impressively in the rock, while the many documentary panels provide profound information on their background. The Regenstein Mill is definitely one of the most important stops on the Blankenburg Mill Trail. Not far after the Regenstein mill, at the end of the millrace, water tunnels were painstakingly driven into the rock by hand, through which you can walk today. The hiking trail finally leads along the Mühlgrabenweg back to the starting point .

Schnappelberg 2
38889 Blankenburg

Start : Parkplatz zur Regensteinmühle
Stop : Parkplatz zur Regensteinmühle
Distance : 6,74km

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