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Harzspots holiday planner
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An ancient coral reef, today's Iberg, rises above Bad Grund. Formed 385 million years ago south of the equator. equator, it was brought to the northern hemisphere by the shifting of the continents. today's Harz Mountains. In an underground exhibition, you can learn more about its origin and its long long journey . The Iberg Dripstone Cave formed in the limestone in a rare way. With its sinter cascades, mighty stalactites and its connection to historical mining, it shows us the fascinating underworld and the realm of dwarf - and the kingdom of the dwarf king Hübich.

In the archaeological museum you will meet one of the oldest genetically documented extended families of the Bronze Age. Bronze Age and their grave, the Lichtenstein Cave near Osterode am Harz. The exhibition shows the 3000-year-old finds, a replica of the finds, a replica of the cave tomb and the sensational results of research - including even probable including even probable present-day descendants of the clan!

HöhlenErlebnisZentrum open all year round: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. Additionally on Mondays in July, August, October and all Lower Saxony school holidays as well as on national holidays. Accessibility only applies to the museum & cafeteria.

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An der Tropfsteinhöhle 1 (B242)
37539 Bad Grund (Harz)

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