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The idyllic municipality of Walkenried is located in the centre of the beautiful Harz Mountains. With a population of around 2,500, the municipality offers a pleasant atmosphere and breathtaking scenery.

What makes Walkenried so unique?

The municipality is known for its historic half-timbered houses and the monastery complex, which is one of the most important sights in the region. The picturesque location on the edge of the Harz Mountains makes the municipality a perfect destination for nature lovers and hikers.

What is there to discover?

The municipality of Walkenried is best known for its monastery complex, which consists of the former Cistercian monastery and the monastery church. The monastery was founded in the 12th century and remains an important cultural monument to this day. The museum in the monastery provides an insight into the life of the monks and the history of the region.

What sights are there?

In addition to the monastery, there are other sights to discover in Walkenried. These include St George's Church, which was built in the 18th century. The half-timbered house "Alte Mühle" is also worth a visit and today houses a small museum, perfect for young and old.

Why is a holiday in Walkenried worthwhile?

Walkenried is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. The municipality is surrounded by beautiful countryside and offers numerous hiking trails that lead through the surrounding forests and mountains. Here you can experience nature up close and leave everyday life behind you without a care in the world.

Further highlights

There are numerous leisure activities in Walkenried. Hikers can choose from a variety of routes and explore the beautiful landscape. Cyclists also get their money's worth here. For those interested in culture, there are other museums and historical buildings to visit in addition to the monastery.


Walkenried is a charming community that offers an unforgettable experience with its historic architecture and beautiful landscape. It is definitely worth a visit to experience the beauty of the Harz up close and discover the history of the region.

Altitude320m above sea level
Surface area21.05 km²
Population4,333 (Dec. 2021)
Motor vehicle.GÖ, DUD, HMÜ, OHA

37445 Wiedigshof
37445 Wieda
37445 Zorge

Steinweg 4
37445 Walkenried


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