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The town of Sangerhausen, located in the heart of Saxony-Anhalt in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz, has a population of around 25,500 (as of December 2022) and exudes the charm of a lively district town. Known for its picturesque location on the southern Harz Mountains, Sangerhausen offers a harmonious blend of cultural wealth and natural beauty.

Sangerhausen's historical significance is reflected in its impressive architecture. Particularly noteworthy is St Jacob's Church, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, and the Old Town Hall, which impressively tells the history of the town. However, Sangerhausen is not only a paradise for lovers of historical buildings, but also for nature lovers. The town is home to the Europa-Rosarium, the largest rose garden in the world, which delights more than just botanists with over 8,500 species and varieties of roses. Other attractions include the historic town centre, St Mary's Church, St Ulrich's Church and the Wettelrode show mine and mining museum, which impressively illustrates the region's 800 years of copper slate mining. Sangerhausen owes its affectionate description as a "town of mines and roses" to precisely these two defining aspects of its rich history and culture - mining and the Europa-Rosarium.

Sangerhausen offers a wide range of opportunities for those seeking relaxation and active holidays. Whether hiking through the picturesque Harz landscapes, cycling along the southern Harz cycle path or taking a leisurely stroll through the town - everyone will find their own personal recreational paradise here. Those interested in culture should not miss the Spengler Museum, which impresses with its extensive collections of regional history and art.

Other attractions in the area surrounding Sangerhausen include the Kyffhäuser Monument, the Barbarossa Cave and Mansfeld Castle. The town's diverse gastronomy will spoil you with regional specialities, from hearty Harz dishes to fine delicacies.

Altitude154m above sea level
Surface area207.71 km²
Population25,441 (Dec. 2022)
Motor vehicle.MSH, EIL, HET, ML, SGH

06526 Breitenbach
06526 Gonna (with Hüttenmühle and Ölnühle)
06526 Grillenberg (with Klippmühle)
06526 Großleinungen
06526 Horla
06526 Lengefeld (with Meuserlengenfeld and Schlösschenkopf)
06526 Morungen
06526 Oberröblingen
06526 ... Rohrbach Monastery
06526 Obersdorf
06526 Riestedt
06526 Rotha (with Paßbruch)
06526 Wettelrode
06526 Wippra
06526 Wolfsberg

Markt 7a
06526 Sangerhausen

E-Mail: mail@sangerhausen.de
Telefon : +49 (0)3464 565-0


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