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Bad Sachsa is a small town with around 7,320 inhabitants in Lower Saxony. It is located in the district of Göttingen on the Benrath Line and the southern edge of the Harz Mountains. It is around 50 kilometres from Göttingen and around 20 kilometres from Nordhausen.

Things to see in Bad Sachsa

The spa town, which is also very popular with winter sports enthusiasts, was first mentioned in a document in 1219. Its oldest surviving building is St Nikolai's Church, which was built in 1180. The nearby Sachsenburg castle is even older, but only the ruins can still be seen. Henry IV had it built around 1070, but it was demolished in 1074 in the course of the Saxon Wars. Today, you can still see the core structure on the site with the remains of a 3.0 m thick wall and the two hexagonal towers as well as a 25 m long, 2.50 m high stone rampart. Hikers on the karst hiking trail like to visit the ruins. Parts of the masonry have been restored. Bad Sachsa has a historic spa park with the typical music pavilion, which was laid out in 1889. There is also a spa centre and a Wandelhalle. It was redesigned in the 1980s and has been called the Vitalpark ever since. Families can visit the NatUrzeitmuseum and the Grenzlandmuseum. There is also a barefoot path, an area for treading water and other equipment and facilities for athletes, outdoor fitness equipment, three tennis courts and a mini golf course.

Bad Sachsa: Things to do

In addition to winter sports enthusiasts and spa guests, the town of Bad Sachsa is also popular with hikers and cyclists. Nearby hiking destinations include the 7-hectare melting pond in the Vitalpark, on the west bank of which is Villa Vita (built in 1900) and a 5* hotel. If you fancy a longer hike, head to the Römerstein, which is not named after Roman conquerors but a legendary giant family with a young man called Roman. Archaeological excavations were carried out there and traces of settlements dating back 12,000 years were found. There is a small local mountain in Bad Sachsa: the Ravensberg is 659 metres high and can be climbed by sporty hikers.

Altitude357m above sea level
Surface area33.2 km²
Population7,406 (31 Dec. 2022)
Motor vehicle.GÖ, DUD, HMÜ, OHA

37441 Neuhof
37441 Steina
37441 Tettenborn

Bismarckstr. 1
37441 Bad Sachsa

E-Mail: rathaus@bad-sachsa.de
Telefon : +49 5523 - 30030


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