The HARZKRISTALL glass manufactory in Derenburg is one of the last mouth glassworks still in production in Germany. Since 2013, the Harzkristall glass manufactory has been part of a foundation with the purpose of promoting and preserving the art of glassmaking. The foundation's work includes promoting cooperation with German and international artists, art academies and associations. Today, the glass manufactory is not only established on the market as a successful specialist in the field of lighting glass and one-of-a-kind products for the preservation of historical monuments. With over 260,000 visitors, Harzkristall is one of the tourist beacons of the Harz region. Visitors can experience the old craft at first hand in the "ManufaktOur" EXPERIENCE tour and also try it out for themselves in various creative offerings. In this way, traditional craftsmanship is preserved and combined with experience, adventure, recreation, fun and culinary enjoyment in one place.

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Harzkristall Glass Manufactory
The Glass EXPERIENCE World in the Harz Mountains

The HARZKRISTALL glass manufactory in Derenburg combines experience, adventure, relaxation, fun and culinary enjoyment in one place. As one of the last remaining glassworks in Germany, we are a tourist highlight in the Harz region, attracting around 260,000 visitors and offering young and old alike the opportunity not only to experience the intangible world cultural heritage of traditional glass production live, but also to work with glass themselves.

The magic of glass art can be experienced in very different ways at Harzkristall. In our daily EXPERIENCE tour, which starts at 10 a.m., our guests learn everything about the history of glassmaking and the more recent history of the Harzkristall glass manufactory. The spectacular highlight of the tour is the glassmakers' stage, where visitors can accompany the glassmakers as they practice their sweaty craft. And for creative fans, blowing a ball, casting glass hands or a real glassmaking workshop are the perfect way to try your hand at working with the 1300°C hot glass mass.

The Harzkristall glass manufactory has existed since 1949 and is Germany's northernmost glassworks. Since 2013, the Harzkristall glass manufactory has been part of a foundation, to which the Elias Farbglashuette Lauscha has also belonged since 2020. The purpose of this foundation is to preserve and promote the art of glassmaking and the two production sites. Among other things, it promotes cooperation with German and international art academies and associations.

In the new Café & Bistro Harzkristall, delicious food and cakes await you when you need a break from your extensive shopping trip. The café and the "Murano" conference room are also available for small and large celebrations or conferences. The Harzkristall glass manufactory is open 360 days a year and is open daily, including Sundays and public holidays, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall
Im Freien Felde 5
38895 Blankenburg OT Derenburg
Tel.: 039 453-680 0

Im Freien Felde 5
38895 Derenburg

Phone : 0394536800
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