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The Rammelsberg mine is located near the town of Goslar. It was shut down in 1988 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rammelsberg ore mine was the only mine in the world to have been in continuous operation for more than 1000 years and was also once the world's largest contiguous deposit of lead, copper and zinc ore. During a visit, visitors can gain an insight into the impressive mining monuments such as the spoil heaps, the Rathstiefste gallery, the Maltermeister tower or the Feuergezähe vault.

Rammelsberg mine in the Harz Mountains: a living museum

Ore was mined at Rammelsberg as early as 968 and around 27 million tonnes of ore were extracted before the mine was closed in 1988. Today, the site is a visitor mine and a museum well worth seeing, as visitors can explore an original site that has been completely preserved. The tour begins in the so-called "Mannschaftskaue", where the workers used to shower and change their clothes, then visitors make their way to the original machines, where they can also marvel at showcases with mineral finds along the way and get to know the power centre, where the energy was generated to operate the mine. There is also a cultural history exhibition in the magazine building, where you can learn, for example, how the region was characterised by mining and how the name Rammelsberg came about.

Thematic guided tours

Both children and adults can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of mining on a wide variety of guided tours. For example, you can visit the former ore processing plant and learn about the various process stages that the ore had to go through. A trip on the mine railway is just as exciting, where the mine guide explains important activities that the miners had to carry out. On a special family tour, the focus is on the younger guests, who learn about mysterious objects and places during a search game. On another guided tour, you can also explore the so-called Roeder tunnel and follow the path of the water to the impressive water wheels that were used to drain the mine.

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Bergtal 19
38640 Goslar

E-Mail: info@rammelsberg.de
Telefon : +49 5321 750-0

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