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The idyllic South Harz holiday region with its 15 villages is home to a unique karst landscape characterised by rugged cliffs, deep valleys and high beech forests, inviting you to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the South Harz. Almost 10,000 inhabitants live here on an area of around 24,000 hectares. The largest village, Roßla, is home to around 2,300 people, while Drebsdorf is the smallest village with just over 100 inhabitants.

A highlight for hiking enthusiasts is the karst hiking trail, one of the longest themed trails in Germany, which winds its way through the municipality of Südharz. The landscape is visually closed off in the south by the Kyffhäuser, which lies in the federal state of Thuringia. The municipality of Südharz has many beautiful districts to discover.

Copper town of Stolberg

In the middle of the Thyra valley is another surprise, the half-timbered town of Stolberg with, believe it or not, over 400 historic buildings lined up like pearls on a string. You shouldn't miss out on a visit to the imposing castle, the picturesque old town centre with its winding alleyways and magnificent copper courtyards.

Hainrode - the most beautiful village in Germany

Hainrode has been voted Germany's most beautiful village several times and was the winner of the European Village Competition in 2012. The district is picturesquely situated in the middle of enchanting fields and meadows. You can sample delicious specialities in the "Förstergarten" and at the village oven. A tennis court, the old village smithy, a pony farm and a nature trail round off the offer - ideal for families.

You should also visit these sights

If you are looking for relaxation and well-being, we can warmly recommend the Thyragrotte leisure pool. A magical bathing area and sauna landscape await you there, inviting you to linger and relax. In Roßla, culture enthusiasts can marvel at a large number of late classicist residential buildings. The neo-Gothic-style church of St Trinitatis in Roßla, built between 1868 and 1873, is also well worth a visit, as is the Josephskreuz, the largest iron double cross in the world and a popular excursion destination for families and hikers, located in the immediate vicinity of Stolberg. Holidays in the southern Harz region are a must for anyone who longs for relaxation, adventure and culinary delights.

Altitude145m above sea level
Surface area236.38 km²
Population9,061 (Dec. 2022)
Motor vehicle.MSH, EIL, HET, ML, SGH

06536 Bennungen
06536 Breitenstein
06536 Breitungen
06536 Dietersdorf
06536 Drebsdorf
06536 Hainrode
06536 Hayn
06536 Kleinleinungen
06536 Questenberg
06536 ... Agnesdorf
06536 Roßla
06536 ... Dittichenrode
06536 Rottleberode
06536 Schwenda
06536 Stadt Stolberg
06536 ... Auerberg
06536 ... Hainfeld
06536 ... Thyratal
06536 Uftrungen
06536 Wickerode

Wilhelmstraße 4
06536 Südharz OT Roßla


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