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Are you familiar with the famous herbal liqueur "Schierker Feuerstein"? It comes from the village of Schierke, where a resourceful pharmacist created it in 1908. The history of the family-run company is still a success story today. Just like the enchanting village of Schierke, which may be small but is well-known and popular far and wide. This is thanks to its location at the foot of the Brocken, the highest mountain in the Harz low mountain range. Around 700 people live in the state-recognised climatic health resort of Schierke, which is part of the town of Wernigerode.

Schierke is a holiday resort with a long tradition. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was even considered the St. Moritz of the north. Magnificent villas and hotels, where the nobility of Europe once stayed, bear witness to this time. From Schierke, every visitor could - and still can - easily reach the summit of the Brocken. The Brocken railway, to which Schierke was connected back in 1898, takes you up the mountain. Sports enthusiasts can climb the summit via beautiful hiking trails. You can also get up there by bike via the traffic-free Brockenstraße. The mountain is 1,141 metres high and is also known as Blocksberg and is famous for the witches dancing on Walpurgis Night on 30 April.

Yes, the area around Schierke is full of mysterious myths and legends. Perhaps this is due to the sometimes enchanted landscape of dense forests, deep valleys, bizarre cliffs, moors and magical caves. This makes Schierke, which is located in the Harz/Saxony-Anhalt Nature Park, an ideal destination for nature lovers. The marvellous landscape between Brocken and Wurmberg is criss-crossed by numerous fantastic hiking trails. There are also themed tours and discovery trails that will delight children.

As small as Schierke is, there is a wide range of sights and leisure activities on offer. The natural spa gardens provide relaxation and adventurous fun. To the south-east is the Feuerstein Arena with a wide range of games and sports. There is also the Brockencoaster summer toboggan run and a live escape room. Last but not least, buildings such as the mountain church, the magnificent town hall and Schierk Castle invite you to visit.

CountyHarz Mountains
Altitude617m above sea level (600-1141)
Surface area40.13 km²
Population646 (Dec. 2009)
Motor vehicle.WR

Brockenstraße 5
38879 Wernigerode

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