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This hike stretches over 12.1 kilometres and is considered moderately difficult. A good basic level of fitness and sufficient surefootedness are therefore basic requirements, as with any hike. The trail begins at the Torfhaus car park and leads east past the Luchsstein to the Torfhausblick. The halfway point of the hike is finally reached at the beautiful view of the Brocken railway and then leads back along largely the same path. Shortly before the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft (Upper Harz Water Management ), the paths split and the way back is slightly different. Instead of the previously hiked path, it now leads further south through the moor back to Torfhaus.

The first hiking highlight after the start at Torfhaus is the lynx stone. A detailed bronze statue serves here as a memorial to the lynx that was reintroduced to the wild at this site. Touching the paw or kissing the snout is said to bring good luck. The next kilometres of the hike lead along the path past the western crest of the Quitschenberg and along the Goetheweg to the Torfhausblick. As the name suggests, the vantage point offers an optimal view of the start of the hike: the Torfhaus.

Behind the Torfhausblick, the Goethe Trail continues along the rails of the Brocken Railway, which is why you can see the old locomotives up close during the hike. The steam locomotive is a unique photo motif and a source of amazement for young and old alike. A ride on the locomotive is a must for every Harz holidaymaker and an exciting experience for the whole family.

If you continue along the Goetheweg, you will eventually come to a beautiful view of the HSB Brockenbahn. Here, too, the rails run directly past the hiking trail and the locomotive can be marvelled at as it passes by. The puffing of the locomotive can already be heard from a distance and the excitement increases all the more as soon as the smoke can be seen above the trees. For children, nostalgics and Harz lovers, the Brockenbahn is an absolute highlight.

The route finally leads back along the outward route past Torfhausblick and along the Goethe Trail to the Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft (Upper Harz Water Management). Together with the Rammelsberg mine and the historic town centre of Goslar, it has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2010 and was used between the 16th and 19th centuries to dam up water and direct it to the respective mines, where it drove the water wheels in the tunnels.

The way back to the Torfhaus then continues via the footbridge through the moor, which offers an unobstructed view of the mountain. But watch out: There is a danger of slipping on the footbridge when it rains or gets wet.

38667 Altenau

Start : Torfhaus
Stop : Torfhaus
Distance : 14,4km

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